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Davis Local Weather Station



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Gordon Y. Land


The HAM Radio Station call-sign VK1FGYL Gordon Y. Land is located in the National Capital Territory of Australia at Canberra, Garran, the Diplomatic Area of the Capital City. Canberra is situated in the South East of the Nation. The general altitude is ca. 605 meters. Canberra is surrounded by the Brindabella Mountains, the altitude of 1705 meters, and the Southern Tablelands, about 705 meters, with a distance of about 420 km to Sydney in New South Wales and 750 km to Melbourne in the state of Victoria. The Distance from Canberra to the most western part of Australia, the City of Perth in Western Australia is about 4000 km. Australia has the longest history in regards to Amateur Radio and the Amateur Radio Club of NSW (ARNSW) is the oldest existing amateur radio organisation in the World. As to the vast distance to the northern hemisphere and especially to Northern Europe and a majority of migrants coming to Australia the need for radio connections is of high importance and Australia has plaid an important role in the history of Amateur Radio. We can say that the Capital City Canberra, I often call Capital Village, and Amateur Radio in Australia have something in common as both of them have a very similar age.  Actually, Amateur Radio is by nearly 10 years older than the city of Canberra, it is the Capital City since 1911.
VK1FGYL has a well-established antenna system connecting the station to the nearby 2-metre and 70-centimetre wavelength Repeaters 146.950 MHz and 438.050 MHz at Mount Ginini situated at an altitude of 1.762 meters with a mountain peak of 1.912 meters called Mount Bimberi.
The Brindabella Mountains are of breathtaking beauty and it can be only compared with the medium alpine regions of Europe. If you want to know more about Australia or the Capital City, please feel free and contact me by HAM radio or if you prefer with less interference by EchoLink. Details about VK1FGYL are also available on QRZ.com, the Wireless Institute of Australia, and the Amateur Radio Club of New South Wales. Below you find some technical details.


 EchoLink Node is 850878 and IRLP Node ID is 6110, Repeater Call Sign VK1RBM, Node City Canberra, Frequency 439.9500, CTCSS, None


Studio and Weather Station VK1FGYL - Photo Radio and Media Productions©1989 -2017 - Canon 1D Mark 5



Part View of the extensive Davis Weather Station - Above Wind Measuring Device

Photo Radio and Media Productions ©2017


Folded Dipole Antenna for Aeronautic Radio Reception 6 Meter Height

Photo Radio and Media Productions ©2017


Foreground: Antennae for Satellite Broadcast

Background 2 Meter Antenna  and Folded Dipole  

Medium  Picture 70 Centimetre antenna 

Photo Radio and Media Productions ©2017


Satellite Dish for  2.4 Giga Hertz Broadcast-Reception

Photo Radio and Media Productions ©2017


Mount Ginini in late Autumn - IRLP Repeater 439.950 MHz - Weather Station - Repeater  2 Meter 146.950  - 70 Centimetre 438.050

EchoLink and IRLP Node ID is 6110, Repeater Call Sign VK1RBM, Node City Canberra, Frequency 439.9500, CTCSS None


Call Sign Morse Code Repeater 70 cm and 2 m Mount Ginini  Frequency 439.950 and Frequency 146.950



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