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RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013 (Super High Definition Sound Quality). Explained*.


Since 1989 when G.Y. Land experimented bringing sound to the Internet it was his aim to work on Algorithms that made it possible to turn numeral data files into sound files. At the begin it was like Marconi and the scratching radio sound of the year 1900. Other people tried the same principle with their own Algorithms with more or less success. In 1990 the first broadcasts where performed online and life or recorded broadcasted first time on the Internet. G.Y. Land had the foresight that this would be the future of sound on the Internet and companies like Philips and Universal as well as Apple Computers have been very supportive to help pioneering this new media. Unfortunately G.Y. Land who lived at the time in Australia did have neither the money nor the possibilities to have his idea and technology patented. On the other hand for him it was pioneering work and as he never was in his own right a commercial oriented person he battled on with his idea whereby other companies started to pick up the idea and made money. When G.Y. Land found out that his efforts have been commercially abused he mate a commitment to work secretly on his Algorithms and he was always ten steps ahead of the copying pack. In the meanwhile ComputerTalk©1989 -2013  and MusicTalk©1989 -2013 became programs Hundred of thousands Internet users linked up to Radio and Media Productions©1989 -2013 (RMP) programs on a daily bases and listened to interviews of the heads of the international companies telling users about their products and new achievements in the field of Computers. MusicTalk©1989 -2013 was  very successful and countless people listened to the music repertoire of Philips, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Capitol, Sony Music, und countless other recording companies. Thanks to the help of Jochen Stossberg head of Universal (Philips) Classical and Jazz we had interviews online with famous Stars and Conductors from around the world. Still today the Richard Wagner editions of the German Hour©1989 -2013 recorded and written nearly two decades ago are visited daily online by more than two thousand visitors of the RMP website.


After years of working on more and more elaborate Algorithms G.Y. Land developed a media he calls RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013  whereby RMP stays for Radio and Media Productions RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013 and SHD for Super High Definition Sound Quality covering the entire frequency spectrum in better quality than ever before and much better than CD or DVD sound quality. G.Y. Land will not release his Algorithms and reverse engineering of it is rather difficult and nearly impossible for third parties. This giving him the step ahead he always had since his first sound broadcasts on the Internet in 1990. Well known artists such as Susan Gai Dowling the international Jazz Star and many others praise the outstanding sound quality of RMP recordings being so much better as the large companies who made Millions of Dollars from the idea and the knowledge of G.Y. Land. His latest Algorithms and further developments will be released after his death and not before to the Internet Community to prevent theft of the work and ideas. G.Y. Land who was honoured with a Professor title as to his work is as good as forgotten. Users of the Internet are not caring about pioneers from yesteryear and are only keen to strive for everything new and in many cases useless gadgets in Computers and on the Internet. Who thinks about Marconi listening to the Radio, who thinks about Grote-Reber the inventor of Radio Astronomy, and Teslar in regards to High Frequency, and who thinks about G.Y. Land listening to sound on the Internet? - Nobody! The nowadays consumer world is disinterested, lacks general knowledge, and is misled by advertising.


Here are some samples of the latest and standard Algorithms for Sound Recording and Sound Reproduction on the Internet compared with RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013 Sound. We have taken a piece of the genial music of Florian Hutter playing his Wersi Gala TM 900  ( YouTube: Gala TM900) downloaded from the Internet recorded in standard Algorithms. Than we have re-recorded the Florian's piece through the RMP-SHD Algorithms. The recording is in four parts whereby the first part is the original, the second part is RMP-SHD and the third part is again the original recording followed by the forth part ending with the RMP-SHD Algorithm recording.

*Please take notice that only a reasonable to very good sound system or excellent earphones will reproduce RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013 Sound.

Your computer speakers or mini-speakers are not capable to reproduce the outstanding sound quality of RMP-SHD ©1989 -2013 Sound.


Florian Hutter is one of the best keyboard players in the World. He is young, attractive and extremely gifted in his performance you will hear now, if you want to see the superb performances of Florian we suggest to visit his various performances at Gala TM900 on YouTube. You will be amazed and if you think keyboard or organ music is dead and gone, think again after you have heard or seen Florian Hutter.  Florian plays in our RMP-SHD test his wonderful interpretation of:


Satin Doll-Deep Purple Mix


Thanks to Florian Hutter (Gala TM900) and YouTube Photo and Sound Track


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For the technically interested person:

Digitally Surround 3D Recorded 48/96 KHz original  in February 2012 on ZOOM Multi Channel Surround Recording Equipment 48/96 KHz - Edited using Adobe Audition software, Radio and Media Production© Digital Algorithm RMP High Definition©2013.


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