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The Exotic Sound of Arthur Lyman and his Orchestra


When I visited wonderful Hawaii I did not know that I met a great orchestra owned and conducted by Arthur Lyman. I was fascinated and could not stop thinking about the exotic sounds. The orchestra played on the Beach outside the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was evening and a thunderstorm was approaching. At the time I was working for Philips Music Head Office in Hamburg and I could not stop thinking that a recording of this orchestra would be a hit. I decided to record 20 of their best titles. Fortunately I had my superb Nagra professional Tape recorder extra ordinaire and some super microphones with me. I never travelled without my Leica camera, my Nagra recording machine, and one or two of the best microphones money could buy.  

Somehow the recording was done in a Studio. My favoured title: Quiet Village was at the time a World Hit but the studio recording was not as lively and authentic as it was when I heard it life the first time on the Beach. The thunderstorm was missing and the atmosphere of the Hawaiian Beach was lacking in the sterile studio recording.  

At the time I was a rather seasoned recording specialist in my own rights and I had a very high tech studio myself. This included two AEG -Telefunken Magnetophon studio machines M 3, and one onsite Nagra recording machine, two Neumann and one AKG top of the range microphones. At the time I did professional recordings supporting my work at Philips head office at good old Moenkeberg Strasse in Hamburg.

It took a lot of thinking and deciding to changed the existing original studio recording of Quiet Village and creatively I added the missing sound atmosphere. The recorded Thunderstorm recording became handy. After so many years and moving around the world I lost many of my earlier recordings on 33 1/3 LP's. However, by unusual chance I found a copy of the LP on  a CD in a second hand record shop in Sydney, Australia. After a quarter of a Century and far away from Philips, Hamburg now called Universal Records I again was fascinated when I heard again the exotic sounds of Arthur Lyman. It were the studio recordings that was no longer Philips but purchased by one of these cheap CD distributing companies and after some working around with Quiet Village I tried to re-master it in the same fashion I did my thunderstorm version 25 years ago.

This time the mastering was done all in digital and by now in my own developed algorithms. It was rather easy compared when recording the earlier version.  Times have changed and nowadays we do no longer need the very complex machinery. A mastering qualification is no longer needed. Lacking is also the van and helpers carrying  the heavy recording machines. Thinking back I discovered a little sentimental tear. The recording was ready and re-mastered on a handy, little super-computer. One reflects back, listening, thinking, dreaming about the past that always was so much better than the presence. Now it is your turn. II suggest, please listen to the Exotic Sound and get carried away to new shores and old recordings.


Just listen to the Exotic Sound of Arthur Lyman and his Orchestra


On the Beach at Waikiki near the Royal Hawaiian Hotel-Thunderstorm approaching.



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