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Dr Rober Schmidli - Piano Concerts

Dr. Robert Schmidli in Concert


About ten years ago I met Dr Robert Schmidli an endocrinologist by profession and as I found out that he is a very knowledgeable specialist in his field but also a superb pianist performing at public concerts as well as recorded concerts for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC. He was very successful and became well known in the music world.

It is interesting to know that medical practitioners or specialists are not only good in their profession in caring for their patients but are also superb musicians. Why this is the case I can only explain it that I believe the sensitivity a good medical person has to have to perform their professional duties is of great importance.

One of my friends Prof. Dr Claus Schnorrenberger, Freiburg, Germany is an excellent scientist but is also the first person, translating the ancient book of Chinese acupuncture Chen Chui into a Western Language. It was in the year 1968. The book is available at various outlets and University Prints. At the time Claus was not only a first-class sinologist, a medical specialist, but also an excellent violist. He gave international concerts and was known for his mastery violin playing.

During some years I came across several other medicos being musicians as well and the question is in what kind of field are the better or are they great in both professions?

To prove my statement I have noted here some of Dr. Schmidli's concerts on the Radio and Media Productions website and a crosslink to Dr Schmidli's website is available to visit for subscription and further listening. If you are like I am a fan of piano music or you play piano as well here is the place to listen and to enjoy superb performances.


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