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UK Parliament is a Circus with a Clown in charge.

Watch the behaviour of an uncivilised society.

It is good that the UK left the EU.



Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the UK

.... and Super-Clown.


UK Parliament. Distributed by YouTube. Thanks for the usage of the report.


Never before has anybody seen such behaviour of adults or better parliamentarians in a Western Democracy. It looks more like a kindergarten with children out of control. I think Mr Johnson takes the highest level  of misbehaviour and contempt of any parliament in the world. If you watch the above report you understand why people cannot stop laughing about such behaviour. The UK parliament has lost its dignity and respect. How can anybody respect such a bunch of uncontrollable adults pretending to be the representatives of a nation? Winston Churchill is, I am sure, rotating in his grave. It is just a joke and if I would be living in the UK, I would ditch such a miserable lot at any election. We only can be happy that they left the EU as such a lame lot is a hindrance to any progress of the European Union.





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