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Corrupt Big Pharma Industries Mafia pushes dangerous drugs and reaps profits.

A very courageous Gravitas report on YouTube 10-01-2022



Palki Sharma’s reporting distributed by YouTube. Thanks for the usage of the report.






This is what I preach since late 1960. Most of these pharmaceutical companies are Swiss and are paying, if any taxes in Switzerland, a country that is well known for its tax and money frauds. If they do not own a competition company, they purchase it. I happen to know the owners or managers of Ciba, Sandoz, Hoffmann LaRoche, Geigi and the rest of them.

After a serious illness I was involved in a trial with the medication called Harvoni by Gilead, which cost 28 tablets $22.225. For the treatment, I needed 4x28 tablets, total cost ca. $88.800. How can anybody afford such expensive treatment?? If you do not have the money, you are simply dead.

The report about the pharmaceutical industry is one of the best I came across in a long time. It must have cost some courage to produce and present such a program as the industry is corrupt to the hilt. Thank you for this excellent report. Well done! Thanks to Google YouTube for the usage of the video.

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