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Paddington Alpacas Interview with Pauline Nugent


LifeStyle is visiting Goulburn and we are visiting Paddington Alpaca Stud at Quialigo in the Southern Tableland of Australia. Pauline Nugent has won countless awards and prices for her outstanding Alpacas. I think we saw about 400 of them. The Sydney Royal Easter Show without Pauline Nugent's price-winning Paddington Alpacas would be only half as exiting for show visitors. Pauline is an international recognised Alpaca Judge. I got my wonderful Alpaca Samuel from her Stud. Samuel  won many times the Supreme Champion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Pauline and I have been neighbours, My former Hillcrest and Herbertleigh Farms have been close to Paddington Alpacas and we often were in competition to win awards for Alpacas. I also did show the famous Hillcrest Ultrafine Merino Sheep.

Pauline Nugent and myself have been the first farms reviving Alpaca farming in Australia. The Goulburn area of the Southern Tablelands and the rolling hills and the high altitude were perfect for Alpacas. In 2001 I unfortunately sold Hillcrest and Herbertleigh Farms. This was a step I later deeply regretted and I still regret today. Pauline Nugent on the other hand is still going strong and Paddington Alpacas are well thought after.  

Just listen and be fascinated by our today's LifeStyle Program.



A beautiful lot of first class Paddington Alpacas1989-2020


Pauline Nugent judging at the Alpaca Show at Goulburn NSW Australia - Photo RMP1989-2020

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Hosted by Prof. ret. G.Y. Land - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

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