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The Valerie  Latimore UFO Sighting

Richmond NSW Australia


Fantasy Picture of an UFO landing in a Forest Area.


 In 1992 when I part-owned and partly leased Tebbutt's Observatory and the Observatory Restaurant at Richmond in NSW my staff and I had often strange encounters. Tebbutt's Observatory is one of the earliest observatories situated in Australia and it is one of the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. John Tebbutt was one of the early scientists living in the countryside and his income was from an elaborate green-grocery farm in the early settlement of New South Wales. 

The famous observatory was designed by John Tebbutt and Greenwood .


Tebbutt's Observatory as seen from the Main Entrance


1872 John Tebbutt bought the 11.4 centimetres refracting telescope with which he observed the transit of Venus in 1874 and 1886 imported a 200 millimetres (7.9 in) Grubb refracting telescope made by Grubb in Belfast, Ireland. This telescope was housed in a substantial brick observatory building on the property at Windsor. As to alcohol abuse of later family members of John Tebbutt the telescope and many other valuable items have been sold and turned into alcohol.




John Tebbutt at his Grubb, Dublin, Ireland Telescope


Amongst these items, the wonderful Grubb telescope went to New Zealand and was returned in early 1990 with countless money spent by Gordon Land and with the help of the nearby situated Australian Air Force and their pilot volunteers. They all helped to restore the neglected and run-down historic site the Tebbutt family did not have the interest and the necessary money to keep up the historic venue. People often brought back old instruments long lost from the observatory and new interest in the public venue was restored by Gordon Land.

He followed the steps of John Tebbutt and tried to restore the old interior and the place in the original state. Gordon often held late-night telescope and night fascinating lecture sessions keeping visitors on-site up to the early morning hours.  Gordon often held late-night telescope and night fascinating lecture sessions keeping visitors on-site up to the early morning hours. When the sessions went too long Gordon often spooked visitors at the new erected Meade Observatory Dome pointing on a loose and buckled plank on the floor with the fright that a Trap Door Spider lurked. The visitors ran frightened away. This was a good way to get rid of them and the tired Gordon Land could go to bed. 


John Tebbutt and the Observatory depicted on the Australian $100 Bank-Note



As to constant difficulties with the ever-demanding Tebbutt family some years later Gordon Land left the observatory and took his Meade Dome and telescope installation to another venue.


Nevertheless, in regards to UFOs there existed some interesting points to be discussed. During half of his live Gordon Land as an astronomer spent nights outside and observing the stars and doing his research on the area of the Orion Nebula. In all these years spending nights outside he never came across the so-called UFO or similar phenomena. During many radio and TV programs, he postulated that for sure there is life somewhere in the vast Universe. It is impossible to overcome the distances to our nearest neighbours in space taking into consideration the existing technology. 




For sure, people have seen UFOs and they believe that they are correct, harbouring conspiracies and other experiences. People believe a lot of things resulting from their fantasies. Great, what would we do without it, we never would come across Sci-Fi movies and books. 


Why does Gordon mention this here? - Well, after one of his nightly lecturing sessions a very friendly journalist of a highly reputed daily newspaper approached him with an A 4 paper in her hand. Her name was Valerie Latimore and she was sure having seen a UFO.



The written UFO-Statement by Valerie Latimore 25. January 1991 at 0015 hrs (12:15 am).



The type-written document with drawings is depicted bebove and it is still in the archive of Gordon Land. You can make yourself an image of her statement. Gordon never said he would not believe this but deep-down, he had a silent smile, maybe he was intrigued that during his life something like this never happened to him.




Gordon Land's Life-Work the Orion Nebula M42/43 - Photo ESO




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