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Trevor Liakos another Crook and always above the Law


On the 8th of September 2017 The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal made an Order under the file XD 119/2017. Mr Trevor Liakos was ordered to pay Gordon Land a fee for damages caused to his Dog whereby Mr Land's dog Mr Grizzly Bear was attacked and Mr Land was bitten on his left leg.   The dog of Mr Liakaos was running free without being on a lead attacking anything that came across. It is against the ACT law to let dogs run freely, without a lead in public. Mr Liakos was fined three times for this offense by the ACT Police. It took more than a year and a half and costed about $10.000 for veterinarian fees without much success. Mr Land did not file for costs and damages so far but the veterinarian fees have been only partly rewarded for Mr Land. However, an amount of $1808.25 in four instalments had to be paid by Mr Trevor Liakos as to the Order.



In the typical way  certain people of Southern European regions never pay taxes, fines, and fess and try to wiggle their way about not to pay their bills or dues. Mr Liakos paid $1000 delayed  and the entire amount is now due as to the  Ruling and Order.



Mr Liakos recently sold one part of a Duplex building at Garran, ACT for over one Million Dollars and had countless entanglement with the Federal Police about various offenses. His house is often raided by the Federal Police.

I keep the reader informed what the future outcome of this case will be and how it will be handled by the now pending bankruptcy proceeding against Mr Liakos. The relevant Credit Reporting Agencies are informed to prevent Mr Liakos to make further debts before this Order is paid for.


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