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G.Y. Land: Thoughts about the Year



By the end of the year, I always have some thoughts about the year that is just passing. There are good and unpleasant happenings that add-on to the life experience, even if we are getting more mature in age.

Here are my thoughts about the last year:

What were the most interesting happenings in the last year? - Well, there was the friendships I  have with some of the people I got to know recently or the other being friends over years. These friends are an important part of my life and I listen to them and they listen to me.

The negative happenings of the past year were the dealings with bad persons like the terrible Greek owing me money or the other Court Cases like a Protection Order I still have to fight for in the New Year.

Then comes there is the other question, what I  did and achieve in the past year? I developed a good friendship with my dog Ragnar and his daughter Sascha, becoming more and more a part of what I call my family. Then I did my Amateur Radio License, building a radio station,  updating my website, developing new algorithms for audio recordings and extending my camera-museum. There is also my collection of computers I like and updating them to the latest available. I am also thinking about the time I spent over the year to iron out the faults and the time spent on Microsoft a company that has taken year off my life since DOS came out and now up to Win10 Pro with its glorious but totally unnecessary and over-hyped name "Creator". - Some companies 'create' nothing than problems and loss of money.

In regards to my Amateur Radio License I have my thoughts if I really did need it as Amateur Radio does not do much for me. It has caused only unnecessary costs I could have avoided and losses I could have lived without. There is an Interesting point about it and this was to do the Radio  License exam. It has indicated that my mental health is still in order and I still have some good knowledge of physics. My thoughts about Amateur Radio as a hobby are expressed clearly on one of my website editorials.

I had in mind to expand and in 2018 I wanted to do the Standard Amateur Radio License of Proficiency.  I decided not to do it as I see no  reason why I should waste further time. For me It is of no interest to talk to someone somewhere in this world or only hearing squeaky noises from digital broadcasting that I have to answer by keyboard only. I can do this by computer and the Internet without needing a license and equipment and get better results. By the way, the broadcasting equipment is very expensive, the set-up is time-consuming, and if I think about the technology it is unnecessary. There are other facilities such as the Internet or mobile phones to speak everywhere to people in excellent quality and anytime. Yes, Amateur Radio may be a hobby and a challenge, but I can live without this kind of challenge as I am not the person liking to communicate with sometimes rather unfriendly persons or grumpy outdated oldies insisting to do Morse-Code before talking to and abusing me.

I gained some new friends in the 'Old Countries' in Europe and refreshed my language skills. Thank God that I left these countries as nowadays unrest, destruction, and the Globlists are ruling. For instance, when I think about Germany and I see and hear this communist-educated and bread Kanzler Merkel. She ruins the culture and the country.  It is not much different in my beloved France. I am happy that I left Europe early enough to escape the destruction of nations that are financially rich but poor in culture. The educational views are not good either.  As a conservative minded person, I will and could not tolerate the Globalists and their doings. I am happy to live in the lesser evil called Australia.


Canberra Panorama Lake Burley Griffin - Panorama-Photo G.Y. Land Canon EOS 1DxMark II  Lens EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM


I wish all my friends a very wonderful, healthy and successful 2018



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