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World Famous Sydney All Stars Big Band Jazz



Sydney All Star Big Band  (left) Photo Ralph Pyl-Sydney Australia  shown here with Jazz Star James Morrison (middle) - Trumpet  and Lew Tabackin Burghausen (right) on the Saxophone.



The year is 2004 and Radio and Media Productions conducted an array of interesting interviews for Radio Broadcast and for the Internet. We have digitally remastered these recordings and used our new Algorithms for best sound and bandwidth. 

On the program is an Interview with Ralph Pyl Band Leader and Owner of the famous Sydney All Star Big Band. For sure, we also bring you some samples of music by this exiting Big Band with their excellent Jazz Performance recorded at the ABC studios in Sydney. The photos show members of the Sydney All Star Big Band, the world famous trumpet player James Morrison and the superb Jazz Sax  international renown player Lew Tabackin Burghausen. These famous Jazz musicians are part of the performances of the Sydney All Star Big Band enriching their repertoire of Big Band Jazz rarely found anywhere in the World but in Sydney.


Enjoy the Interview with Gordon Land and Ralph Pyl and even more the wonderful music of the Sydney All Star Big Band.





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