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Michael Stringer - My Life

In Memoriam



This week we hear a wonderful recording under the title  Interview with Michael Stringer, Rear Admiral, OBE, OA, JP.  The two programmes were produced by Radio and Media Productions© for international broadcast by the CBAA Satellite  for more than 360 radio stations syndicated. G.Y. Land©1989-2018 interviews Michael Stringer about his work and his life. Michael Stringer and his Book about Sydney Harbour is just wonderful to listen to on LifeStyle©.   Please listen also on the second series with Michael Stringer about the Marine Rescue in Australia. Here are some words by the Government about Michael Stringer at the Funeral in May 2016   http://www.marinerescuensw.com.au/news-a-media?view=news&id=987.

Michael Stringer was a very good friend of mine and it is very difficult for me to speak about him. I never thought Michael would leave this Planet of ours before me. With great sadness and respect I can say that I left the two interviews with Michael Stringer without any editing as they were the last interviews I did with him.  


This part one and two of the Radio Program about and with Michael Stringer are unedited and without commentary.




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Part One: Stringer My Life 


Part  Two: Marine Rescue


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