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Mount Selwyn Ski Resort - Snowy Mountains - Australia 


This week we hear a recording under the title Mount Selwyn Sky Resort in the Snowy Mountains, Australia. When it is Summer in Northern Hemisphere the Sky Sport friends enjoy their sport in the then Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. This gives Skiers an all year around Sky and exercising possibility. The Snowy Mountains in Australia renown from the movie The Man from the Snowy Mountains is an example of the beauty of the area throughout the entire year. Lake Eucumbene the largest men made lake in the Southern Hemisphere serves vast area with Electricity. Snowy Hydro is an example of Australian ingenuity and has been built with the help and expertise of the countless European migrants. At the time multicultural lifestyle was the best example how people could start a new and successful life after World War Two. Cooma, the largest town in the Snowy Mountains is a striving and very pleasant place to visit and the feeling of the migration from Europe is present in tempting cafe shops, ins, and shops. Gordon Land enjoyed living at Cooma in his beautiful mansion 'Caviar House' at the Snowy River and his retreat at Adaminaby at Lake Eucumbene in the Alps. The Snowy Mountains are a must when you visit Australia.      

The program was produced by Radio and Media Productions for international broadcast to more than 360 radio stations syndicated by the CBAA Satellite and the Internet. G.Y. Land interviews the Ski-Instructors Sharon Buckhannan and Adam Waters about their fascinating work at the Ski-Resort at Mount Selwyn at the Snowy Mountains the Alps of Australia. Get to know the wonderful country and learn all about the Winter Sports at this unique and beautiful Ski-Resort. Mount Selwyn is a great Ski-Resort in Winter and the Alpine Paradise for the Naturalists in Summer.  You can hear all about this on LifeStyle 1989-2017.  


      Panorama - Brindabella Mountains and Lake Burly Griffin Canberra Australia, RMP Photo 1989-2020

Photo: Prof. G.Y. Land - Leica  M9-P



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Presenter: Prof. ret. G.Y. Land, AIAA - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

Written and Produced by G.Y. Land, AIAA1989-2020



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