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My Predictions for the new year 2022



Dear Friends,


It is time again that the very scary year 2021 is finishing and the new year 2022 will start with a big bang and not only on the Sydney harbour bridge or Times Square in New York this time it will be a far greater firework at Beijing.

For the last 30 years, my predictions about the world's situations have been right. I precisely predicted the financial crash in 2008 and the developing crisis of the pandemic. In fact, the situation about overpopulation was clear to me and to several persons since 1968 when Dr. Schnitzer, Prof. Kolath, and I produced the famous Insect Fly Experiment that was published and shown at the time on TV and in other media outlets. Human overpopulation started proceeding slowly but securely worldwide, especially in China, the USA, many South American and African countries.

This was far before the time any Climate Change Activists or Greene’s ever existed. If you are not aware of the Fly Experiment, please let me know and I will post an article on the website of Radio and Media Productions (

Let me go back to the predictions for the year 2022. The world is racing into a new recession, and a recession greater than ever before. This is to the enormous debts this time not from the USA, but from China. The Chinese real-estate company Evergrande is in debt for more than 62 trillion US Dollars, practical bankrupt and this is the result of the Potemkin’s village principle used by the international Chinese Government real estate agency Evergrande with its non-existing building projects either unfinished, not started but paid for by investors and funds-managers. The investors are not only Chinese companies and persons but foremost international investment funds including the Australian Banks.

Begin of 2021 Goldman-Sachs warned that there would be a 10% loss in real estate sales. This does not mean real estate is built or being built. Most large building projects are purely an investment and not built for occupation. For instant 50% of the New York high-class apartment housing is empty and purposely kept empty. These are investments for estate agencies, banks, funds managements to bolster their monetary account figures.

Taking into consideration the latest Chinese investment figures the real estate market in China is down by 37% in 2021 as to various elements such as the result of the Coronavirus, loss of business, and income by the industry and governments worldwide. This figure alone will result in a galloping recession, I predict, starting by March 2022. No country in the world can overcome a 37% loss in real estate sales.

During the last days of 2021, the cryptocurrency fell by over 12% and is still falling daily. Investors of such volatile money market have been fooled in the first place and have filled the pockets of dubious banking companies and investors including persons like Elon Musk with his debatable undertakings often failing without getting into the press or are wittingly suppressed by news managers especially companies such as CNN, MSNBC, and similar fake-news outlets including the ABC.

It is always good and right to complain about something if it is justified, however, a complaint without a remedy is not a complaint but a useless whinge.  My suggestion is, and my advice is just friendly advice by an amateur and not a legally binding statement, be careful about your investments especially in real estate or the financial market. Greed never pays. I would not invest in anything that sounds to be too good to be true, this includes cryptocurrencies or in this coming year investing in real estate. The real estate market will plunge as the prices for real estate are beyond reality and artificially blown up to fill some real estate agents’ pockets or ruthless investors' bank accounts.

I would say that the real estate and the industrial market in Australia will fall during the middle to the second half of 2022 at the amount of at least 23%. This will be the result of the declining Chinese and especially the US market printing money without having any physical substance. The inflation rate in the entire world will be by my predictions by at least 8% GDP and with this kind of figure, you better start growing your own vegetables in your garden or if you do not have a garden on your balcony.

All in all, we are sailing into stormy times and this time it is a hurricane and not a simple thunderstorm.

I wish you all the best for the forthcoming year 2022 and I am sure we all will survive the bad turbulence we will have in front of us. How less investment or collateral you have how better it will be for you. This time the recession will hit the big financial people, the small everyday people have not much to lose anyhow, it is better to be poor in 2022, you will be sooner or later anyhow. Good so, all the best and good luck, we all need it.




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