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Historic Milkwood Art Gallery and Cafe


Today Radio and Media Productions invites you to a wonderful romantic township in the Australian Alps. The town has the intrinsic name of Nimmitabel. It is just a fine township on the highway connecting Canberra - Cooma - and the South Coast. If you ever have a chance to drive through the area you have to stop at Nimmitabel. You find a fantastic Bakery, a typical Australian Pub, the most fashionable Leather Shop and Manufacture owned by a Swedish Lady and her Husband. For sure you have to visit the Milkwood Art Gallery and Cafe run by the best looking young person. The word Milkwood reminds the visitor on the poetry Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. The Art Gallery and Cafe is devoted to the story and matches the scene. The local Radio Station belongs to the CBAA radio network broadcasting all over the Australian Alps and bringing the exiting programs by Radio and Media Productions.



The Famous Royal Bistro Nimitabel 




Historic Milkwood Art Gallery and Cafe




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