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Introduction and Preface

The layout of these websites


The website originated at the begin of the Internet as an FTP server for syndicated Radio Stations and were not designed as flashy, picturesque web-design statements. The pages are the result of usefulness and practicality to download files for broadcasting and installation with the Radio Station Program Manager in mind. However, Radio and Media Production as a community organisation run by volunteers was asked in 1991 to publish selected popular broadcasted radio programs for further listening on the Internet.  Please realise that the below files are primarily formatted for all Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome and Android, Linux, Apple OS, and Unix Operation Systems. They are not operation system specific, however the format of these websites are suited for PC, Chromebook, OS, Linux, and similar computers.  Most Tablet computers are fine but the websites are unsuitable for mobile phones under 6.5" screens.


Downloading or listening to Files made easy

The layout of each website containing a sound-file that brings up the below box with the well known instructions known from CD, DVD, MP3, Video and other recording facilities. This is a standard and easy to understand equally for the beginner or the professional person. Please try the below sample file to get familiar with the application.


Our Services since 1989

The websites are programmed for uploading and downloading to and from our own, secure DELL servers in HTML based programming language. The sound-files can be downloaded with the relevant  system standard facilities available on the websites and in the operation system and from the web-browser of the user. We suggest Google CHROME as multi-platform web-browser. For playing the sound-files we prefer VLC media player as it is a useful cross-platform media utility and available for nearly all operation systems. 


Copyright notices

Please respect the appropriate copyrights. If you are a radio station please subscribe to the fees for copying protected materials in your country. For example the copyright collectives are for worldwide the AGICOA, in Australia it is the APRA, in Germany the GEMA, a.s.o. You can find the collecting agency for your country on Wikipedia or at  the relevant Government Agencies.


Radio and Media Productions

Radio and Media Productions (RMP) is a non-profit organisation. RMP takes no donations from interest groups and refuses to take sponsors and advertisers of any kind. We are financed by our own money and by the original Internet idea of Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA FBCS at the beginning of the former independent Internet. We do not agree with the status of the nowadays bastardised Internet.  If you would like to become a volunteer or would like to be part of RMP please use the contact facility on the bottom of this website or send an email to


LifeStyle© Radio Programs and Editorials

In the segment LifeStyle ©1989 -2017   you find a collection of weekly Radio and Media Production© Radio Programs. These Programs are in English and  in other Languages available. For instance you find English, German and French productions. LifeStyle ©1989 - 2021 programs have been produced for the CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) and its own 360 syndicated radio stations around Australia and for selected and syndicated radio stations in India, China, South America, Germany and South Africa. These broadcasts are distributed via the satellite ComRadSat (Community Radio Satellite). In 1990 LifeStyle© beside MusicTalk© and ComputerTalk© were the first ever live and full sound programs on the Internet. The LifeStyle© programs are Current Affairs and Way of Life Programs. 

In 2000 LifeStyle© was awarded the highest award for a current affairs network program. The German Hour became a worldwide part of the Goethe Institute Library. Please choose one of the broadcast titles and enjoy the interesting and often rather controversial programs.


The Recording Technology

For the technically interested person: Digitally Surround 3D is recorded on the latest Digital TASCAM Multi Channel Surround Recording Equipment in 48/96 KHz and edited for the Internet using RMP own SHD Algorithms with Adobe Audition Software. Most of the available recordings have been updated and are re-mastered in RMP SHD©  the by Gordon Land developed  Digital Algorithms called RMP Super-High-Definition SHD © 2012-2021.   

To have RMP©1989 -2020 SHD explained:     Please click here and read.


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Radio and Media Productions© RMP© ComputerTalk© MusicTalk© MediTalk© LifeStyle© The German Hour© are registered Copyrights.

Infringing or using our copyrighted names will attract legal action nationally and internationally.