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   LifeStyle©1989 - 2020 Radio Programs-English Language:




               New Programs:


               G.Y. Land - A Life Story - Biography (short version)

            Historic Broadcast - CBAA First Satellite Transmission 1994

           Paul Joseph Watson on Paedophilia in the performing Art Industry 


           Crooks at Work

           Trevor Liakos

           "Sir" Manfred Graf (Count) Laxy


           Standard Editorials

           Prof. Jann Rutherford in Memoriam

          Susan Gai Dowling and Jazz Band-Someone very Special

          Paddington Alpacas Interview Pauline Nugent

              Blues Point Jazz and Interview     


           For My Friends.....

          G.Y. Land - Thoughts about Amateur Radio


           Standard Programs:


          Mount Selwyn - Alpine Sky Resort 

          Watchmaking the Profession Part One and Two

          Flamenco Ole!        

          Graucho Marx and G.Y. Land       

          Horseman Interview       

          Long Bay Jail-Sydney      

          Sydney All Stars       

          Michael Stringer  in Memoriam My Life

          Milkwood Art Gallery   

          International Air Show   




  MusicTalk©1989 - 2020  Radio Programs-Multi Lingual:




        Dr. Robert Schmidli Piano Concert 

        The Exotic Sound of Arthur Lyman

        Susan Gai Dowling Jazz Band

        Gordon Y. Land Piano Concerts    

        Gordon Y. Land plays 'Georgia' on Yamaha  Synthesizers


  The German Hour©1989 - 2020 Radio Programs-German Language:




        German Hour First Edition   

        German Hour Variety-Show    

        East-West Prussia before 1990

        Mozart Trilogy       

        Beethoven Trilogy   

        Operetta Firework      

        Richard Wagner a Legend

        Sydney Film Festival

        Gordon Land reads Gordon Land: "Herrenmoden"

        A.E. Wegner Gedichte und Erzaehlungen-Poems and Tales



  MediTalk©1989 - 2020 Radio Programs-English Language:



        Venereal Diseases with Dr. Yeaman: Chlamydia

        Urological Illnesses with Dr. Yeaman: Prostate Cancer          

        Incontinence discussed with Dr. Yeaman


 ComputerTalk©1989 - 2020 Radio Programs-English Language   



 1989 Original  ComputerTalk Picture

        In 1989 this was the first ever full Sound edition of Editorials on the Internet.

        Soon we will have here beside the latest product reports some of the historical and now hysterical  Recordings of Yester-Year.

        2018 Test of the new forthcoming USB-Microphone SU600 by Swamp Industries. A must read!




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