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Long Bay Jail




This week we have a very special and highly interesting program for you. LifeStyle1989-2018 brings you and interview with Paul O'Leary the former Assistant Superintendent of the notorious Long Bay Jail in Sydney. Mr. O'Leary, interviewed by Gordon Y. Land tells us the rather unusual stories about the oldest Australian Prison and their rather dangerous inmates ranging from notorious murderers to drug barons. We are sure you have never heard anything like this fascinating interview.

We also introduce Australia's leading Jazz Singer Susan Gai Dowling and her Band consisting of international renown Jazz Greats. Today she sings her own compositions and you can be assured it is first class Jazz.

Just listen and be fascinated by our today's LifeStyle1989-2018 Program.



Long Bay Jail - Prison Complex in Sydney-Maroubra - Also known as the "Maroubra Hilton"

On the more pleasing note we introduce n this broadcast Susan Gai Dowling the superb Jazz singer and international Jazz Star. Susan is an old friend of Gordon Land and the story goes that both met gravely ill in two different rooms at a now demolished Prince Henry Hospital in Little Bay next to Long Bay Jail.  There are other broadcasts with Susan Gai Dowling and the endless stories about the friendship of the both.


Susan Gay Dowling and Jazz Band



Susan Gai Dowling Composing on her Grand Piano - Photo RMP 1989-2021


Susan Gai Dowling and her famous Jazz Orchestra during a life Performance in Sydney 1989-2021




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