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Horseman Interview


Hillcrest-Herbertleigh Farms situated in the picturesque landscape of the rolling Hills of the Southern Table Lands  RMP Photo 1989-2020


This week we have a very special and very interesting program for you. LifeStyle1989-2018 brings you and interview with a Horseman droving around Australia with his cart and a beautiful Horse The interview took place in the oldest inland city of Australia, Goulburn in NSW. The horseman was interviewed by Gordon Y. Land.

Superb Poetry is performed exclusively by Rex Hockey, the modern Banjo Patterson recorded at Hillcrest-HerbertLeigh Farms founded in 1860 and formerly owned by G.Y. Land. The farms are situated in Windellama near the City of Goulburn.  Rex Hockey's CD  Heritage - Heartache and Humour1989-2018  is available for $19.95 at request from Radio and Media Productions.  Just listen and be surprised.

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