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Entrance Area at 'Caviar House' -Snowy Mountains-Australia former Home of G.Y. Land   Photo RMP1989-2020


In this edition LifeStyle 1989- 2017  we are visiting a Goulburn Garden Centre and speaking to the Horticulturist Jason how to treat our plants the best way. We are getting good and sound advice what to plant and where to make out garden the best experience. Unfortunately this edition is no longer complete. We are trying our best to get a copy from one of the CBAA radio stations.

David Sharp plays some of his superb compositions on the concert guitar. He transfers us into the right mood. Also listen to the typical Australian Poetry. Most of the remarkably written poetry is performed here by Rex Hockey and was recorded at Hillcrest-Herbertleigh Farms1989-2018 RMP Studios.  The stunning recording is called 'Heritage-Heartache and Humour' You can get your copy by contacting us and ordering by email: info@radioandmedia.net



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