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This is not the usual LifeStyle©1989-2021 program. The original recording was a CD that was especially made only and exclusively for my personal friends. Instead of Season's Greetings for various religions and cultures generally sent out in the dozens and tossed away after the holidays I had sent out a container with a CD. I was sure that non of my friends would dispose of the CD like they would do with the average card. The recording could be listened to whenever one feels a little sorry about oneself. This included myself as I found somehow I was connected to my friends the listeners.

After coming back from West Africa and having sold most of my possessions including houses, cars, my musical instruments, and the art collection before leaving Australia I had stored some items I did not want to sell at friends. Amongst these items were a collection of about four thousand commercial CDs I accumulated over the years. Fortunately, some tapes, cassettes,  CD's and Nagra tapes of my radio programs survived a rough treatment during storage but survived. This friend storing these items could not care much about quality recordings or my past. This was rather typical Australian as to the motto: 'Out of  the eye, out of the mind'. When I came back to Australia I found a terrible mess I could not imagine. It took months to restore the items back to reasonable quality and the case ended up in court.

There exist some people in life one genuinely can call friends. People who care, being involved, showing interest in the other person, and being there when needed. As a small 'thank you' I created this recording, now available for my general audience and my friends as well. I thought it would be nice to have something personal to listen to when you are happy, sad, unhealthy, depressed, or just not in the mood for anything because life has not been kind. Just listen and remember when this recording has been made I was gravely ill myself, coming back from a war-torn West Africa where I escaped with two shots in my leg and a tropical illness.  At the time I was luckily rushed out to the airport and flown back via London to Sydney. With this recording I also thanked my medical specialists and every person helping me to get somehow better. I also thank the German and Swiss Embassies at Accra getting me out of the country under the most difficult circumstances.

A new start was made and  what happened you can read in my book that will be soon available. I also thank my listeners to Radio and Media Productions and my friends supporting my idea of LifeStyle.

G.Y. Land in 2010 Photo RMP©1989-2021





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