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Friendship is something very precious. However, some friendships only last for some days, some weeks, some year, and some decades, Some friendships last a lifetime. People drift together and at times apart. It is often beyond description what the real reason for this behaviour is. Nobody and especially psychologist and psychiatrist can not logically explain why we like someone at once and other people not at all. We often walk and think what a nice person is this without having spoken a single word with the person. Than you see another person and you like to dismiss the thought why you ever laid eyes on him or her. Others you simply like to give a really good kick in the back.

Years ago, I should say several decades ago I happened to be seriously ill in Prince Henry Hospital. At the time I was on the critical list. I was confined to the Marks Ward a part of the hospital that is generally reserved for terminal cases and a floor below our ward was the special ward for HIV infected persons. Visiting the HIV ward was making one self's serious illness became a rather minor fact. I

n the 1990th HIV was something tragic and many persons died. I think about the composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, Liberace, Stuart Challenger the superb conductor, Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson the dream of every woman, and also Anthony Perkins Not to be forgotten are the countless not so well known souls. I think about the thousands of persons dying in Africa and about the painful loss of life in the Lesbian and Gay community.

I was gravely ill in the Marks ward as to the negligence of the former Commonwealth Serums Laboratory. About 4000 haemophilia and thalassemia sufferers had been infected with the HCV virus that was in many cases deadly depending on the genome of the virus. At the time medical science was in its infancy regarding HCV.  Nowadays the illness is fully curable with very expensive medication. In 1994 I wanted to die but as to the new medication I fully recovered in 2016.

Susan Dowling was in the Marks ward as to some other illnesses and she was in the large private room next to my room. We  had a room with a splendid view to the endless South Pacific Ocean on one site on the other the view was over the notorious Long Bay Jail. Prince Henry was one of the most expensive Real Estate areas in Sydney and after being sold to a Golf Club the hospital was demolished. Existing still is the Jail. For sure the inmates need a Room with a View to finalise their jail term. There also was a Chapel built on a cliff by the architect Harry Seidler. A large stain-glass window opened a spectacular view out to the endless sea. In the chapel there was installed a Hammond Organ and as I cannot let my hands from keyboard instruments. During the times when I felt a little better and to keep sane I went to the chapel and played the organ.

There is a significant part of the story you should her about what really happened. You hear in this great radio program a LifeStyle story that touched so many people. Just take the time and listen to Susan Dowling and her band giving the interview a musical background.





Susan Gai Dowling, Jazz Composer, Singer, Pianist extraordinary . Photo Prof. G.Y. Land copyright RMP 1989-2021


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