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Crooks at Work


"Sir" Manfred "Graf" (Count) Laxy another Crook and always above the Law


Would you trust this man with your savings?


It came to the attention of our writer and to the attention of other persons that a person living in the National Capital of Australia at Garran, in a public housing estate "Pewsey Vale Court" poses with the title and name of "Sir" Manfred "Graf" (Count) Laxy. The person is trying to lure people into his confidence, offering partnerships, advertising himself on Facebook and other social media. He also tries to sell fake Rolex and other brands Watches, fake antique silver coins, and other fake goods. The person was exposed to Scamwatsh as a marriage swindler and was therefore apparently expelled from several social media outlets. Gordon Land was approached by "Sir" Wolfgang as to his elusive patents about environmental friendly power production and offers have been made to pay for a kind of partnership. I have been given hand-written documents, Gordon Land says. However, when I spotted the non-business-like statements and letters I became aware of his faults pretences and did some research. It was found out that in real life he poses as a painter on Gumtree and other news media to get orders for paintwork and accepts only cash payments from victims hereby he is avoiding paying income tax or GST to the Australian Taxation Office. Mr Laxy is a pensioner and receives the old age pension from Centrelink. Mr Laxy also pretends to be a secret agent for ASIO and he stated to me that he was involved with the Israel Secret Service, Mossad. The writer is a person of Jewish faith and enquired about a Manfred Laxy and was told that this is an untrue statement. He is a fraud.


We are curious what President Trump would say being depicted in line with "Sir" Manfred?


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