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Blues Point Jazz Vocal Group - High 5 - Myrtle



We all love the harmonic sound of the Barber Shop Quintets. Most of the Singers and Dancers have been male. What about a female and male Barber Shop Quintet. Last not least we have female and male barbers. On the program we have the Barber Shop Group High 5 - Myrtle.  How it came to start such a group and what the aim of the group is that is the subject of this very interesting and inspiring radio program that went to the air over the CBAA radio network. It also went to air in India, the Middle East, the Pacific area, and China. Have fun listening to High 5 - Myrtle.








Blues Point Jazz

Production by Radio and Media Productions LifeStyle1989-2018

Hosted by Prof. ret. G.Y. Land - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

Written and Produced by G.Y. Land



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