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Sydney - Berlin Broadcast by ComRadSat



ComRadSat First Transmission for the CBAA in 1994

On the 5th of July 1994 the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia did their first ever satellite life broadcast from the CBAA, Sydney, Australia to the Technische Universitaet, Berlin, Germany. Click on the above satellite to listen to this unique and historic radio program. Radio and Media Productions are thanking in particular Mr Greg McCulkin VK2TEQ preserving for more than 20 years this recording and releasing it for technical updating and distributing it by RMP. Please realise that this broadcast had only a small bandwidth and therefore the sound quality is limited.

For higher quality audio download please click here: Download

The languages spoken in this broadcast are German and English.


Here is a collage of historical and hysterical photos of the famous Satellite Broadcast from CBAA House, Sydney, to TU, Berlin.



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