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During the last weeks and months, I have spent plenty of time to endeavour on a trip on memory lane and had in mind to turn back the time when I was younger and without the excitement, we have nowadays when with ease we are thinking about technology and especially communication. The step forward in technology is tremendous and I think back to my youth when AM was still an adventure, and a crystal receiver and similar equipment excited me when I was a boy. It was fascinating being friends with radio amateurs involved in a hobby that was unusual, expensive, and far too complicated for the average mortal. 


What excitement when TV came and FM radio became standard. In 1953 when Mr Rhein invented the Fuellschrift recording changing records from 78 rpm to long play 33 and 45 recordings. Forgotten as so many other inventors people think it was invented by USA companies. Philips and Telefunken (Siemens) were the first companies introducing the new technology and I was proud to be some years later involved with Philips.  


Speaking for myself, I was involved since 1947  in radio work, amateurs call it arrogantly commercial radio. At the time I took into consideration to get an amateur license but I was far too young and I would have to wait until I was 18 years of age. Typical me, I could not wait and preferred to stay glamorous and commercial a step I never regretted.


I studied physics and specialised in astrophysics and later anti-gravity propulsion as well as computer sciences. I went back to my work at Philips and became involved in mainframe computers as I saw here the future. As to political and other upheavals in Europe, I decided to migrate to Australia to live more secure. In late 1970 I was again involved in commercial radio and TV but found interest in Amateur Radio and became a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia in Victoria. At the time, the main reason to get a license was to communicate by HAM radio to overseas and to overcome the great distance between my beloved France and Australia without using the expenses of telephony.  Mind you at the time telecommunications in Europe were by cable and rather expensive. Nowadays all this has changed and it is just a click of a button and free of charge to speak to someone nearly everywhere on this planet and above. 


Stimulated by my friend since about 30 years Greg McCulkin and loving technical equipment I decided to do a Foundation License in my mature years. I tried and did this as I do with everything in my life propelled by the enthusiasm and overdid my studying without thinking what I was up to. I now see too many complications as to the typical bureaucracy that is flowing everywhere in Australia and I lost interest. I also found most of the Radio Amateurs not to be the friendliest persons to newcomers.  Nevertheless, I received the foundation licence begin of 2017.


During the few years, I still have left in my life I dedicated my time to updating my professional knowledge.  I also have to finalise three books I never finished so far amongst it a comprehensive autobiography that will be published after I have passed on and have said my farewell to this planet. Until the time comes I also have in mind to follow my colleague Grote Reber to return to somewhere in Tasmania and live in an outback place. 


To spend my time with increasing my knowledge I have made a decision not to participate any longer in amateur radio and especially in the Australian National Capital. I see discrepancies, complications, and bitchiness coming up one often experiences in minority groups, clubs, interest groups, and last not least in persons of a kind one can live without.




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