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International Air-Show Goulburn NSW Australia


The new Edition of LifeStyle1989 -2017 is devoted to a wonderful international Air Show.  This Air Show was devoted to Special Aeroplanes and here were the World oldest Aeroplanes on show and flown. It all happened at rural Goulburn at their newly established Air Port. For sure famous politicians are always at hand when something exiting is happening and during this interview we have Albi Schulz (1939-2015)  the Member of the Federal Parliament on hand followed by the Lord Major of Goulburn to answer us some questions. We also interview the Stars of the Show including the world best acrobatic pilot. As most of the Radio and Media Productions1989 -2017 Broadcasts this is another re-mastered replica original recoded in 2003. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent broadcast and wind and weather have been the actors beside the super planes from yesterday and today.

Just listen and be fascinated by our today's LifeStyle1989 -2021 Program.


Here are two of the Air Show Veterans - Both are Acrobatic Planes. Photo RMP 1989-2021   Right: Albi Schulz, MP (1939-1915) Photo Government



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