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Graucho Marx

This week we hear a wonderful recording under the title  Graucho Marx.  The program was produced by Radio and Media Productions© for international broadcast by the CBAA Satellite  for more than 360 radio stations syndicated. G.Y. Land met Graucho Marx in New York after the funeral of George S. Kaufman on the 2nd of June. Both of them went down 5th Avenue and Graucho said: "You are a very nice young man and I like to have Lunch with you". We had lunch after Graucho insulted several Hotel Doormen and other Employees such as the Head Waiter. We had a great time. You can hear all about this on LifeStyle©.  

Combined in this LifeStyle© Program we hear some superb RMP Algorithm  remastered music episodes with the unforgettable May West and the world best thought after Singer and Dancer Fred Astaire. Just sit down and have a rest think back and relax..... listen to LifeStyle©



Production by Radio and Media Productions 1989-2011© MusicTalk© and LifeStyle©

Speaker: G.Y. Land, AIAA - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

Written and Produced by G.Y. Land, AIAA


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For the technically interested person:

Original Studio Recording:   Re-Mastered  from Original Tapes 12. June 1994 on NAGRA recording Machines, BASF 1/2' 911 Tapes, Analogue Mixer: Fostex,  CD-Equipment: Nakamichi,  Microphones: Neumann.

Remastered in Digital Surround Sound:  1.May 2011 on Adobe Audition software, Radio and Media Production© Digital Algorithm.