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Poems and Tales


Poems and Tales are not everyone's taste in entertainment. Many years go we did a recording of the Gedichte und Erzaehlungen by A.E. Wegner. At the time she was over 80 years of age, living in a beautiful home at Cooma in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. Life can be curious and the question is open how a person from Mazuren in the East of Europe survived the Second World War and was blown with the wind until reaching Australia where so many refugees ended up. A.E. Wegner is often called the modern Agnes Miegel. For sure there is a parallel in regards to the poetry. If you are a friend of the German language and especially poetry than this program is just for you. Mrs Wegner has created also some tales, beautiful to listen to and we are sure that some edlderly persons will become rather homesick. Remembrance is a funny bedfellow, it can either lift you up or make you sad.

This is the last what we want as the German Hour was designed to cater for especially all Germans having migrated to foreign countries. Here we are reaching the foreign German community around the world. Wherever you just are, in Australia, Chile, Columbia, South Africa, Africa, USA, in the Far East, Europe, or in China you are welcome to listen either over your local radio station or via the Internet. You  are very welcome.


Bacharach am Rhein - Aquarelle  by Reifferschein ca. 1870

Curtesy of the Garry Thomas Collection Canberra, Australia, Photo RMP2017




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