Welcome to the German Hour - Die Deutsche Stunde1989-2020  


The Radio Program with a Difference1989-2020


Variety Show - Das Variete1989-2020


The German Hour Variety-Show is a cross view throughout the most popular programs of the 'Die Deutsche Stunde', The German Hour. Here we are the listeners to most of the musical programs being on offer either on the Radio and Media Productions website, by Satellite, or by the radio program of your CBAA radio station. The program is hosted by G.Y. Land and is supported by Universal, Philips, Decca, and Deutsche Gramophon beside many other well known record labels.

The recordings have lately been re-mastered and come with the new algorithms of Radio and Media Productions to refine the sound. Just sit down and have a rest and listen to the German Hour Variety-Show. The program is in the German Language.


Picture of the Radio and Media Productions Pacific Studios Stage.




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