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Operetta Firework - Operetten Feuerwerk1989-2020


The German Hour Programs brings us this week a wonderful recording. The Program is called 'Opereetta Firework' or in German language: Operetten Feuerwerk. For sure the Program is in German Language but the exiting Music is international and the pieces are well known all over the World. There are Emerich Calman, Franz Lehar, Eduard Kueneke, Johan Strauss and countless other composers and their works. We hear the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, The Berlin Symphonic Orchestra, The Bavarian States Opera and many artists. Some of them are my personal friends and I miss them a lot most of them have now past away and may sound their beautiful voices up in Heaven. I think about my dear friend Evelyn Kueneke the daughter of Eduard Kuenneke, Margrit Schramm, Anneliese Rothenberger, and so many famous household names of the Opera and Operetta. Enjoy the Firework of Operetta the unforgettable classical Musicals and Melodies.

Just listen and if you like sing to the music, I am sure you will know the tunes.

Gordon is surrounded by two of his best friends on the Left Evelyn and Right Zarah1989-2020






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