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Prof. ret. Gordon Land - Herrenmoden - Gedicht

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Video-Photo Dieter Pech (MasterPech) Berlin 2018-2020

It is a long time ago and we are talking 1957 in Berlin West Zone of Germany. If I talk about Zones, Berlin was divided in four different zones, the British Sector, the American Sector, the French Sector, and the Soviet Sector. From 1949 on there was great disunity between the Allies and it came often to great complications. Especially the Soviets caused trouble and blocked the entire part from any kind of traffic to the other sectors. It was called the Berline Blockade whereby no truck or  vehicle could pass the Soviet Sector and the city of Berlin was blocked totally as the surroundings leading to Hamburg or to the West was blocked. Thanks to the Americans a help line the Berlin Bridge (Berliner Bruecke) by plane was created and food and urgently needed goods were flown in with great artistic of the military pilots to bring in goods for the starving town of Berlin. 

The people of Berlin have been morally undefeated regardless of their complications and made the best of the terrible situation. The RIAS Berlin the (Radio in American Sector) was the other lifeline the Americans created. This was not only to help the Berliners but more to against the Soviets trying all sorts of nastinesses and as we all know the Mauer, the famous Berlin Wall was built. Radio waves have been a good vehicle to contact all sectors of Berlin and to rebuild the moral of the Berliners. Berlin was famous for its Cabarets and other entertainment institutions and RIAS Berlin was ready to contribute to bring up the depressed moods and also the latest news for the people of Berlin. 

Two of the most famous cabarets come to mind that were Die Insulaner (The Islanders) as Berlin became like an island during the blockade) and the spiky Stachelschweine, the Porcupines, putting their spikes into everything that was of interest for the Berliners.  Both of the cabarets have been of the political cabarets attacking and ridiculing everything from politics to everyday events. The Insulaners were lead by Guenther Neumann a person I happened to know well during my radio time in West-Germany.  Guenther always looked for intelligent people to contribute to the cabaret. At the time I was known to write political satire and I had a sharp mouth and an even sharper pen in other words I was a typical person of the time.

You have to realise that Germany was divided in sectors as well. I was fortuned to be in the French part of the sectors as my foster family was a French-Dutch union. I was fluently in the German, French, and Dutch languages when I was 10 years old. Guenther Neumann asked me to write a poem about the situation between West and East Germany and describe the situation as a satire. I did so and compared the now two countries as two stripes divided by  a wall with a tie gentlemen wear. Stripes are always fashionable with gentlemen and as Germany was two striped I called the poem "Herrenmoden" Fashions for the Gentleman. I could but I refuse to translate the text into the English or any other language as it would take the point away from the satire. If you are not speaking German, well, this is the German Hour and I have to assume that you do, I suggest to learn German. It is good for your brain and even better if you visit the now since 1990 re-united Germany.




Former RIAS Broadcasting House 


                           Panoramic View of Berlin with RIAS




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