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In 1993 The German Hour 'Die Deutsche Stunde' started successfully and was the first ever German Radio Program on the Internet. Made for Germans in Germany and German speaking listeners all over the World. The German Hour is supported by the prestigious Goethe Institut, the CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) with their 360 radio stations, the COMRADSAT international satellite transmission and by  the Technical University Radio Station in Berlin. The German Hour is an award winning radio program and has still not lost its lustre. Great research and countless hours went into the work to write, produce, record, and transmit the programs distributed by Radio and Media Productions (RMP).

Recorded in 1993 here we have the  First Edition of the German Hour. This historical recording was first mastered at Radio and Media Productions South Pacific Studios1989-2020 at Mollymook, New South Wales, Australia. The original Revox Tape Recording was later reproduced on Music Cassette and  CD-ROM for the Goethe Institut.  In 2017 remastered and brought up to RMP SHD all recordings of this series are digitally remastered using RMP's unique SHD algorithms to enhance the sound quality to its unsurpassed best.


Enjoy the First Edition of the German Hour devoted to popular Editorials, Music, Photos, and more, hosted by G.Y. Land1989-2020 and his Guests.      




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