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This week the German Hour brings you a controversy interview of the famous Sydney Film Festival. This must be one of the most eccentric programs RMP has ever recorded.  We invited the multi ward winning German movie maker and director of the New Generation Winfried Bonengel. In his film 'Beruf Neo-Nazi' Profession Neo-Nazi Mr. Bonengel is discussing Germany's problem with the nowadays youth leaning politically to the Right and expressing themselves verbally and visually in a different way.  In this interview with Wolfgang Meissner, Director of the Goethe Institut and G.Y. Land the movie Beruf Neo-Nazi that was called at the Sydney Film Festival racist and Nazi supporting. However, this is most definitely not the intention of the movie.








The German Hour  has a variety of special programs. These are selected, broadcasted one hour programs.  This program was produced for international broadcast by the CBAA Satellite and distributed to more than 360 radio stations syndicated worldwide and foremost for the Goethe Institut, the German language and culture custodians and conservators. The Goethe Institut is  associated with German Embassies all over the World. G. Y. Land has written 127 German Hour episodes touching nearly everything German culture has to offer. The series has been highly awarded. There are countless interesting stories to tell about the making of the 'German Hour' G.Y. Land may tell one day.




Hosted by Prof. ret. G.Y. Land   - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

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