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New Released Swamp Industries USB-Microphone SU600

ComputerTalk Best Product of the Year and Excellent Value for Money.



Swamp Industry Microphone SU 600 RMP1989-2020


It does not happen very often that a company distributes an item that is not only excellent but also fulfils the need to be reasonably priced and of durable quality. Swamp Industries is supplying products of very good value for a price that everybody can afford.

The other day in the showroom of Swamp Industries I came across a microphone that caught my eye as to the superb design and the intrinsic blue haze it distributes. I found out that this microphone is actually a USB microphone and can be used with various software products such as Adobe Audition for the professional music editor with a higher demand on flexibility and edition facilities and for the layman using the microphone for the daily recordings for YouTube and Skype.

Being involved in broadcasting and recording production since over 65 years gave me a broad spectrum of usage of microphones such as the array of Sennheiser, Rode, Sony, and Neumann, to name only a few of them. Some microphones were priced between $400 for a Rode and $16.000 for a Neumann. The question is does anybody really need such pricey products or are there some very good products out for a reasonable price with excellent performance.

I purchased the 600 with a little bit of scepsis as often good looks deceive. However, I gave it a fair chance and used it for my daily overseas television program with broadcasting engineers and co-hosts of the program and my question to them was if these professional persons heard anything different than my general sound performance on the program. Some said yes, others said that there was not much difference.

The colleagues saying that there was an improvement in sound quality of presence and dynamic in the sound quality. I told them that the microphone I am using is the 600 from Swamp Industries and not the usual expensive microphone I generally used, they have been positively surprised when I named the very reasonable price of $.... and when I showed off the dark blue glow in the dark the next question was where to get this microphone. I told them.


Technical Data:

Acoustic Principle:                           Dynamic

Electronically Attitudes:                 Analogue to Digital via USB Interface

Polar Pattern:                                     Cardioids 180 Degrees

Resolution:                                         24-bit

Sampling Rate:                                  12 to 48 kHz

Capsule:                                               25 mm gold plated shock proof mounted

Frequency Range:                            18 Hz to 19.7 kHz

Output Impedance:                        0 Ohm

Maximum SPL:                                  110 dBSPL

Sensitivity:                                          -51.0 dB at 1 Volt +- 1dB at 1kHz

Gain Control:                                      Potentiometer: -+ 40%

Headphone Control:                       Potentiometer: -+ 55%

Attenuator Frequency:                  Switch: 0 to -10 dB

Low Frequency Attenuator:         Switch: 0 to 5 dB

Body:                                                    Diecast metal black iodised body and plastic accessory parts        

Weight:                                                432 grams without special cradle

Outputs:                                              3.5 mm Headphone Jack regulated

                                                                USB female 5 M

Illumination:                                       Capsule interior: Diode colour blue

Dimensions:                                       186 mm Height 51 mm Width 49 mm Deep

 Guaranty:                                           5 Years


Scope of Supply:

1 Swamp Industries USB Microphone  SU600

1 Special Microphone Cradle

1 Silicone shielded special USB cable (transparent smoke colour)

1 Instruction Manual and Guaranty Card



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Hosted by Prof. ret. G.Y. Land - Program announced by Dr. Mark Hannah.

Written and Produced by G.Y. Land RMP1989-2020



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